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2014-09-04 Esko KokkonenFix correct newline behaviour in python3 master
2014-09-04 Esko KokkonenFix a conflict in comparing emerge times
2014-09-04 Esko KokkonenMerge branch 'master' of /home/git/emerge-timer
2014-09-04 Esko KokkonenAdd python3 compatibility
2012-08-26 Esko KokkonenChange the max/min emerge time output
2012-08-24 Esko Kokkonensearch_syncs(): print how many syncs have been performed
2012-08-23 Esko KokkonenApply conventional coding convention
2012-08-23 Esko KokkonenPrint emerge-date when displaying maximum and minimum...
2012-08-23 Esko KokkonenCreate a function to find information from the "version...
2012-08-23 Esko KokkonenMerge max_time() and min_time() functions
2012-08-23 Esko KokkonenSeparate the "in total spent emerging" stuff
2012-08-23 Esko KokkonenFix typo
2012-04-05 Esko KokkonenRemove the simulation section
2012-04-05 Esko KokkonenMerge branch 'master' of itanic.dy.fi:/home/git/emerge...
2012-04-05 Esko KokkonenAdd background grid to the plot
2012-04-05 Esko KokkonenDon't print the total emerge time
2012-04-05 Esko KokkonenAdd title to the plot
2012-04-05 Esko KokkonenAdd better description for the help screen
2012-04-05 Esko KokkonenChange error messages for matplotlib
2012-04-05 Esko KokkonenAdd possibility to plot emerge times into a 2D scatter...
2012-02-16 Esko KokkonenChanges to --list option
2012-01-21 Esko KokkonenAdd support for showing emerge sync history
2012-01-08 Esko KokkonenCapture IOErrors
2012-01-08 Esko KokkonenAccess full emerge histry option from the main function
2012-01-08 Esko KokkonenDon't print min/max times when there is only one emerge
2011-12-22 Esko KokkonenAdd green and red functions
2011-12-22 Esko KokkonenAdd a bit of trivia to the end of "-l" listing
2011-12-22 Esko KokkonenAdd preliminary support for listing all emerged package...
2011-12-22 Esko KokkonenAdd the ability to search emerge times for multiple...
2011-12-22 Esko KokkonenRemove the last dotted line in main printout
2011-12-19 Esko KokkonenMake the dotted lines pretty
2011-12-19 Esko KokkonenCalculate min and max times correctly
2011-12-18 Esko KokkonenDon't print zero seconds printouts
2011-12-18 Esko KokkonenGive static current emerge time for the simulation run
2011-12-18 Esko KokkonenUse float number when dealing with the time simplification
2011-12-10 Esko KokkonenModify printouts slightly
2011-12-10 Esko KokkonenAdd empty file to third_fake_package directory
2011-12-10 Esko KokkonenAdd a check for a possible error scenario in the simula...
2011-12-10 Esko KokkonenFix possible error in current emerge mode
2011-11-29 Esko KokkonenAdd empty files to the fake portage tree
2011-11-29 Esko KokkonenAdd a simulation mode setting
2011-11-29 Esko KokkonenAdd the red colour
2011-11-29 Esko KokkonenFix current emerge_time calculations
2011-11-29 Esko KokkonenDon't crash if we can't calculate current emerge time
2011-11-29 Esko KokkonenChange printouts with average times in current mode
2011-11-29 Esko KokkonenChange how current emerge time is calculated a bit
2011-11-28 Esko KokkonenTrivial change in comment description
2011-11-26 Esko Kokkonenlist_emerge_processes(): Don't exit the program, only...
2011-10-01 Esko KokkonenGive text some color
2011-09-25 Esko KokkonenFix crash if package has never been emerged
2011-09-24 Esko KokkonenDon't overwrite global no color flag
2011-09-24 Esko Kokkonenprint_versions(): Pad strings correctly when colors...
2011-09-24 Esko Kokkonengive_time(): Add nocolor option
2011-09-24 Esko KokkonenBeautify output (cont.)
2011-09-24 Esko KokkonenChange variable name
2011-09-24 Esko KokkonenBeautify output
2011-09-24 Esko KokkonenFix spacing in current emerge printout
2011-09-23 Esko KokkonenFix error with global variable name
2011-09-23 Esko KokkonenRename functions time() and date()
2011-09-18 Esko KokkonenAdd the --quiet flag
2011-09-18 Esko KokkonenPrint total emerge time when inquiring pretended times.
2011-09-18 Esko KokkonenDrop time() and date() from the class
2011-09-18 Esko KokkonenDon't return function if exception occurs
2011-09-18 Esko KokkonenCapitalize global variable name
2011-09-18 Esko KokkonenRefine code structure and add function descriptions
2011-09-18 Esko KokkonenAdd the "--no-color" flag
2011-09-18 Esko KokkonenSet the default mode as "package"
2011-09-18 Esko KokkonenMerge branch 'testing'
2011-09-14 Esko KokkonenImprove commandline argument handling
2011-09-10 Esko KokkonenRemove unused variables
2011-09-10 Esko KokkonenRemove unused module imports
2011-09-10 Esko KokkonenMake lines shorter
2011-09-10 Esko KokkonenQuit the current emerge block is no emerge is found
2011-09-10 Esko KokkonenFix possible error situations
2011-09-10 Esko KokkonenAdd current emerge time feature
2011-09-10 Esko KokkonenSplit up average_total_time() and max_min_time()
2011-09-07 Esko KokkonenRewrite commandline argument handling
2011-09-07 Esko KokkonenRemove needless module import
2011-09-07 Esko Kokkonenopen_log(): Don't allow finally block to swallow functi...
2011-09-07 Esko KokkonenFix indendation error
2011-09-07 Esko Kokkonenget_date: remove unused variables
2011-09-04 Esko KokkonenPrint the emerge number for that package
2011-09-01 Esko KokkonenAdd pretended packages
2011-09-01 Esko KokkonenChange how we pass the package into the log parser
2011-08-29 Esko KokkonenRemove list_all_packages function
2011-08-29 Esko KokkonenImprove current process handling
2011-08-29 Esko KokkonenSearch ps with "ebuild.sh" instaed of "ebuild"
2011-08-29 Esko Kokkonenlist_pretended: Don't print total time if there is...
2011-08-29 Esko Kokkonenlist_pretended: Don't query the all_packages function...
2011-08-29 Esko Kokkonenlist_pretended: Change how the package name is parsed...
2011-08-29 Esko KokkonenFirst implementation of the pretended packages feature
2011-08-26 Esko Kokkonenminor fixing
2011-08-26 Esko KokkonenAdd min, max, average time printouts
2011-08-26 Esko KokkonenAdd get_package function
2011-08-26 Esko KokkonenFix but with packages with names with '-'s in them
2011-08-25 Esko KokkonenImprove class functionality
2011-08-25 Esko KokkonenCleanup the main_loop code
2011-08-25 Esko Kokkonenmore rewriting
2011-08-24 Esko KokkonenRemove 'times' global variable
2011-08-24 Esko Kokkonenrewriting