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descriptionReverse engineered tool for reading Contour USB glucose meter data
ownerTimo Kokkonen
last changeMon, 23 Jul 2012 15:13:08 +0000 (18:13 +0300)
2012-07-23 Timo KokkonenHave extra 20ms delay after every 16th read entry master
2012-07-23 Timo KokkonenDo not return error if no more entries are read
2012-03-27 Timo Kokkonenoptions.c: Indent with tabs, not spaces
2012-03-27 Timo Kokkonenoptions.c: Wrap long lines
2012-03-27 Timo KokkonenReplace existing printf functions with trace(...)
2012-03-27 Timo Kokkonencontour-protocol: Replace bad macros with static functions
2012-03-27 Timo KokkonenReplace strerror() with "%m" at printf
2012-03-27 Timo Kokkonen_hiddev_open: Fix error messages
2012-03-27 Timo Kokkonenmain: Only set non-zero elements in user_options structure
2012-03-27 Timo Kokkonenmain.c: Refactor data formatting out of main function
2012-03-27 Timo Kokkonenmain.c: Remove forward declaration for token()
2012-03-24 Steve SloanTweaked progress tracing.
2012-03-24 Steve SloanFixed CSV format.
2012-03-24 Steve SloanFixed option handling.
2012-03-20 Steve SloanAdded libusb to linker options.
2012-03-20 Steve SloanAdded -format option (defaults to "clean"), added ...
8 years ago contour-next-testing
10 years ago master