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2014-02-28 Timo Kokkonendata.c: Reset time stamp when starting new log master
2014-01-16 Timo Kokkonendata.c: Store cell count and system status into variabl...
2014-01-16 Timo Kokkonenconfig.c: Export store_str_variable_value_to_array()
2014-01-16 Timo Kokkonenmain.c: Add missing endline to debug print
2014-01-16 Timo Kokkonenconfig.c: Handle multiple variables correcly
2013-12-29 Timo Kokkonendata.c: Implement initial support for handling multiple...
2013-12-29 Timo Kokkonenconfig.c: Implement store_int_variable_value_to_array()
2013-12-29 Timo Kokkonenconfig.c: Add support for replacing variables names...
2013-12-28 Timo Kokkonenbal.plot: Convert volts to millivolts correctly
2013-11-09 Timo KokkonenUse the same config structure for command line and...
2013-11-03 Timo Kokkonenprint_status_line: Print textual status
2013-11-03 Timo KokkonenImplement state machine based architecture
2013-11-03 Timo Kokkonendata.c: Reduce excess debug verbosity
2013-10-31 Timo KokkonenConvert data reading into event based system
2013-10-31 Timo KokkonenMove random utility macros into utils.h
2013-10-31 Timo KokkonenAdd primitive config file parsing support
2013-10-20 Timo KokkonenRename debug.[ch] to trace.[ch]
2013-10-14 Timo Kokkonendata.h: Fix comment
2013-10-14 Timo KokkonenAdd charging current and total charge into the status...
2013-10-12 Tero Salminenplotter scripts: Add automatic x-axis tick scaling
2013-10-12 Tero SalminenAdd nice html pages for real time charging view
2013-10-11 Tero SalminenAdd improved gnuplot scripts
2013-10-10 Timo Kokkonendata: Print fancy status line
2013-10-10 Timo Kokkonendata: Move the total charge field at the end of the...
2013-10-10 Timo KokkonenFill in time stamp even if charger produces zero input
2013-10-09 Timo Kokkonendata.c: Add data parsing and output processing
2013-10-09 Timo Kokkonenrefactor data handling into data.c
2013-10-08 Timo Kokkonen.gitignore: Prevent junk being visible to git
2013-10-07 Timo KokkonenAdd missing initialization
2013-10-07 Timo KokkonenMove time stamp initialization after first proper log...
2013-10-07 Timo KokkonenDiscard too short log lines
2013-10-07 Timo KokkonenFix another incorrect test against read() return value
2013-10-07 Timo KokkonenAdd timestamp to the output data.
2013-10-07 Timo Kokkonenoptions: Add help
2013-10-07 Timo Kokkonenoptions: Fix short option for --baud
2013-10-07 Timo Kokkonenoptions: Make trace level adjustable
2013-10-06 Timo KokkonenFix read return value check
2013-10-06 Timo Kokkonenread_data: Handle the input data more gracefully
2013-10-06 Timo Kokkonenmain: Refactor data reading out from main
2013-10-06 Timo Kokkonenmain: Open ouput file when one is requested
2013-10-06 Timo KokkonenConvert all existing prints into appropriate trace...
2013-10-06 Timo KokkonenAdd more advanced debug macro
2013-10-06 Timo KokkonenAdd command line parsing
2013-10-06 Timo Kokkonenbaud: Add missing newline to error print
2013-10-05 Timo KokkonenAdd draw_plots.sh
2013-10-04 Timo Kokkonenmain: Add missing EOF check to serial read
2013-09-30 Timo Kokkonenmain: Fix busy loop with reading
2013-09-29 Timo KokkonenAdd couple of example gnuplot files for plotting graphs
2013-09-29 Timo KokkonenInitial commit