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ownerTimo Kokkonen
last changeFri, 28 Feb 2014 19:16:04 +0000 (21:16 +0200)
2014-02-28 Timo Kokkonendata.c: Reset time stamp when starting new log master
2014-01-16 Timo Kokkonendata.c: Store cell count and system status into variabl...
2014-01-16 Timo Kokkonenconfig.c: Export store_str_variable_value_to_array()
2014-01-16 Timo Kokkonenmain.c: Add missing endline to debug print
2014-01-16 Timo Kokkonenconfig.c: Handle multiple variables correcly
2013-12-29 Timo Kokkonendata.c: Implement initial support for handling multiple...
2013-12-29 Timo Kokkonenconfig.c: Implement store_int_variable_value_to_array()
2013-12-29 Timo Kokkonenconfig.c: Add support for replacing variables names...
2013-12-28 Timo Kokkonenbal.plot: Convert volts to millivolts correctly
2013-11-09 Timo KokkonenUse the same config structure for command line and...
2013-11-03 Timo Kokkonenprint_status_line: Print textual status
2013-11-03 Timo KokkonenImplement state machine based architecture
2013-11-03 Timo Kokkonendata.c: Reduce excess debug verbosity
2013-10-31 Timo KokkonenConvert data reading into event based system
2013-10-31 Timo KokkonenMove random utility macros into utils.h
2013-10-31 Timo KokkonenAdd primitive config file parsing support
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