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2023-03-01 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser.c: Fix compiler warnings about string... master
2023-03-01 Timo Kokkonenprocess: run_piped_stream: Use correct direction with...
2023-03-01 Timo Kokkonennetwork_parser: Sanitize buffer state between calls...
2023-03-01 Timo Kokkonennetwork_parser: Use pr_* debug macros instead of printf
2020-11-21 Timo Kokkonenrrtdool: Simplify sleeptime calculation
2020-11-21 Timo Kokkonenconfig: Allow databases without filenames
2020-11-21 Timo Kokkonenprocess: Always kick job scheduler when a worker finishes
2020-10-25 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool: get_last_update: Fix file descriptor leak
2020-10-25 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool_update_data_multi: Discard entries with timesta...
2020-10-25 Timo Kokkonenprocess: Downgrade mutex contention prints
2020-10-25 Timo Kokkonenrun_piped: Fix file descriptor leak on pipe() fail.
2020-10-25 Timo Kokkonennetwork_parser: Fix fd leak due to missing close after...
2020-10-11 Timo KokkonenReplace strncat with _strlcat
2020-10-11 Timo KokkonenIntroduce network parser
2020-10-11 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool: Add support for multi parsers
2020-10-11 Timo KokkonenIntroduce mutex_init()
2020-10-11 Timo Kokkonenprocess: Introduce notify_job_request()
2020-10-11 Timo Kokkonenregister_event_handler: Make also modifications and...
2020-10-10 Timo Kokkonenprocess: tun_piped_stream: stdout stream should be...
2020-09-30 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool: Read last update timestamp from database on...
2020-09-30 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool: Use the same timestamp with rrdtool and with...
2020-09-30 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool.h: Fix last_update type
2020-09-30 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool: Fix strncat() usage
2020-04-25 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool: Fix use of uninitialized buffers in string...
2020-03-14 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool: Fix bug with messed up log printing
2020-03-14 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool: Take update time as we start updating db
2020-01-29 Timo Kokkonenconfig: Fix "specified bound 16 equals destination...
2019-09-13 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool: Stop update times from drifting
2019-08-22 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser: Implement simultaneous reading
2019-08-22 Timo KokkonenRefactor mutex code to utils.h
2019-08-20 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser: Fix "85" degree handling case
2019-08-20 Timo KokkonenSample config: End of line white space removal
2018-09-07 Timo KokkonenSilence gcc-8 snprintf overflow warnings
2017-11-09 Timo KokkonenAdd support for daemonizing rrdd
2017-01-29 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser: Fix crash caused by off by one memory...
2017-01-29 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser: Increase glitch detection retry count...
2017-01-29 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser: Make step changes pass glitch detection
2017-01-14 Timo KokkonenImprove mutex debugging prints
2017-01-14 Timo Kokkonenworker_thread: Drop process priority when executing...
2016-11-15 Timo KokkonenFix possible buffer overrun due to incorrect strncat...
2016-11-01 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser: Ensure proper strng NULL handling
2016-11-01 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser: Use larger string buffers in make_uncac...
2016-11-01 Timo Kokkonenmkcompile_h: Use mv instead of cp
2016-10-28 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser: Implement glitch removal
2016-10-28 Timo Kokkonenutils.h: min() max() cleanup
2016-10-26 Timo KokkonenAllow parsers to store private data to databases
2016-10-26 Timo Kokkonenbuilt_in_parsers: Remove digitemp parser
2016-10-26 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser: Fix double free corruption
2016-07-24 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser: Add support for reading data from file...
2016-07-24 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser: Fix memory leak when retrying OWNET_read()
2016-07-24 Timo KokkonenRevert "onewire_parser: Keep server handle open at...
2016-07-11 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser: Keep server handle open at all time
2016-07-11 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser: Avoid variable name collision
2016-07-11 Timo Kokkonennetstat_parser: Fix file descriptor leak
2016-07-10 Timo Kokkonenprocess: Trivial typo fix
2016-07-10 Timo Kokkonendebug: Remove pid number from debug prints
2016-07-09 Timo Kokkonenconfig: Fix confusion between pre_draw_cmd and post_dra...
2016-07-09 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool: queue post_draw_cmd to be after images
2016-07-09 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool.c: Suppress compiler warnings with a cast
2016-07-09 Timo Kokkonenprocess: Handle threads dynamically
2016-07-09 Timo Kokkonenprocess: Remove fork based concurrenct management
2016-07-09 Timo Kokkonenrun_work_on_queue: Remove excess debug print
2016-07-09 Timo Kokkoneninit_job_control: Suppress compiler warning
2016-07-09 Timo Kokkonenprocess: Remove signal handler completely
2016-07-09 Timo Kokkonendo_rrdtool_update_data: Initialize data buffer
2016-07-09 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool: Remove unused variables
2016-07-09 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool_draw_image: Remove excess strlen() call
2016-07-09 Timo Kokkonenbuilt_in_parsers: Strenghten string handling
2016-07-09 Timo KokkonenMerge branch 'master' of /home/git/rrdd
2016-07-09 Timo Kokkonenprocess: Make run() execute synchronously
2016-07-09 Timo KokkonenConvert rrdtool to use work queues instead of forks
2016-07-08 Timo Kokkonenprocess.c: Introduce work queues
2016-07-08 Timo Kokkonendebug: Print thread name on debug prints
2016-07-08 Timo Kokkonenprocess: Add debug wrappers for pthread mutex operations
2016-07-08 Timo Kokkonenprocess.c: Trivial white space cleanup
2014-10-28 Timo Kokkonenprocess: run: Fix bug with multi-line prints
2014-10-28 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool: Add support for post_draw_cmd
2014-10-26 Timo KokkonenMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2014-10-26 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool.c: Null terminate process argument list in...
2014-09-09 Timo Kokkonenprocess.c: Reduce maximum number of parallel jobs on...
2014-08-22 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser: Make sensor readin more robust on noisy...
2013-01-06 Timo KokkonenAdd support for data logging
2012-11-30 Timo KokkonenRemove excess debug prints from default trace level
2012-11-30 Timo KokkonenUser arguments: Add support for adjusting tracing level
2012-11-30 Timo Kokkonendebug: Improve debugging macros
2012-11-30 Timo KokkonenMakefile: Adjust default targets
2012-11-30 Timo Kokkonendebug: Add support for log files
2012-11-20 Timo KokkonenMakefile: Fix typo in object list
2012-11-20 Timo Kokkonenplugins: Add version checking
2012-11-20 Timo KokkonenAdd automatic versioning and compiler checks
2012-11-19 Timo Kokkonenonewire_parser: Convert to a plugin
2012-11-19 Timo Kokkonenparser: Try loading a parser from a plugin in case...
2012-11-19 Timo Kokkonenplugin_manager: Load parser plugins by name
2012-11-19 Timo KokkonenUpdate .gitignore
2012-11-19 Timo Kokkonenmain.c: Consider default argument as a config file
2012-11-19 Timo KokkonenParsers: Implement framework for registering and queryi...
2012-11-19 Timo KokkonenRemove database.h
2012-11-19 Timo KokkonenAdd utils.h
2012-11-19 Timo KokkonenIntroduce plugin manager
2012-11-10 Timo Kokkonenrrdtool: Add pre_draw_cmd