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ownerTimo Kokkonen
last changeSat, 3 Jul 2021 17:55:44 +0000 (20:55 +0300)
2021-07-03 Timo KokkonenHide excess debug messages by default master
2021-04-21 Timo Kokkonentempd: Use uncached data on retry
2021-04-21 Timo Kokkonentempd: Attempt retry if 1wire sensor returns "85"
2021-03-11 Timo Kokkonenbmed: Avoid failing to bind() due to "Address already...
2021-03-09 Timo KokkonenAdd simple tempd daemon
2021-03-09 Timo KokkonenMakefile: Add install target for bmed
2021-03-09 Timo KokkonenAdd systemd service file for bmed
2021-03-09 Timo Kokkonenbmed: Flush stdout after writing logs
2021-03-05 Timo Kokkonenbmed: Change default port to 8347
2020-11-28 Timo Kokkonenbmed: Exit all threads if socket creation fails.
2020-10-21 Timo KokkonenIntroduce bmed
2020-07-06 Bosch SensortecUpdated interface design and examples.
2020-06-08 Bosch SensortecMerge pull request #81 from brecolbrecol/master
2020-06-06 brecol 🥦feat: .gitignore
2020-06-06 brecol 🥦feat: Makefile for examples
2020-03-17 Bosch SensortecRemoved self-test
22 months ago master